Thursday, March 31, 2016

And then there was one!

I started on the first market bag the other day.  

Large Market Tote by Lauren at Daisey Cottage Designs. 

It worked up pretty quickly and turned out nice.

This is the yarn I used.  It says Home Dec, but I thought it would make a good bag, and I was right.

 This is the bottom of the bag.  It is pretty round and roomy.  I think the winner will be able to put plenty of items in this bag!  

What I didn't notice before I started is that the yarn is a 5 weight.  Which means it's considered a bulky yarn, which explains the size of this thing.  It's HUGE!!!!  I used about 10 oz of yarn on this.  

I would use this to put all types of things in from the farmers market or the super market.  If you don't like using those plastic sacks at the store, you could definitely put quite a bit in here.

If I had to guess how much you could put in this bag, I would say it can easily fit 3 large bags of chips and maybe a loaf of bread. :)

I changed a little in the design. I didn't put the flower on it.  I decided to make it two toned instead.  I really like the colors and it seems to be a really sturdy bag.

And here is the finished product!  Hopefully the winner of the prize (see previous post) will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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