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      Preemie- newborn                $10
       3-12 months (simple)           $10
       3-12 months (embellished)   $15
      Toddler  (simple)                   $15
     Toddler (embellished)           $20
     Teen/Adult (simple)              $20
     Teen/Adult (embellished)     $25


      Preemie- newborn                   $ 7
      3-12 months (simple)              $ 7
      3-12 months (embellished)     $10
      Toddler  (simple)                    $10
      Toddler (embellished)             $12
      Teen/adult (simple)                 $12
      Teen/adult (embellished)        $15

*Simple - beanies, non-embellished slouch hats, some patterned hats

*Embellished - character hats (minion inspired, etc.), flowers, ear flaps with balls or buttons, etc., more complex character hats range $25 and up. For an example, see Sonic inspired hat on The Hats page.

Amigurumi (animals and dolls)

         Prices vary depending on size and complexity.

All About Baby

        Lovies -          $20 - 30 depending on size and complexity

     *mini blankets with an amigurumi head (see owl lovie on All about Baby page)   
        Diaper cover sets   $20
        Bibs                        $10

Blankets          Prices vary depending on size and complexity 

Collaboration Art

         Prices vary depending on size, embellishments  

         Personalized poetry available 

Illuminated Fairy Night Lights

         $15 each (plus shipping) 



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